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Fireplace Cleanup

We start by removing all dust and build-up in the fireplace and cleaning the glass. We clean the logs, burner, pilot, sensor, valve and valve compartment, and louver compartment, and then proceed to check for leaks. We re-position the logs and add new embers for the finishing touch.

*According to the Canadian Standard Association (C.S.A.), it is a requirement to have your gas fireplace maintained and serviced annually. Please visit the following link for more info: C.S.A. Fireplace Maintenance.

Fireplace Repairs

We start by performing a diagnostic test to determine why the fireplace is not performing optimally. Upon discovering the problem, we will inform the homeowner of solutions available. If the homeowner decides to proceed in repairing the fireplace, we will carry all parts necessary and perform the repairs onsite so that the fireplace is in proper working order.

We install all brands and makes of gas fireplaces including the venting, gas line and accessories such as remote controls, fans and wall thermostats.

Your Safety Comes First

Please never try to repair or service your gas fireplace yourself; working with gas lines is dangerous without proper training. If you try to repair a broken or faulty gas fireplace yourself, you are risking a hazardous gas leak, fire or explosion that could harm you, the people around you and your home.

If you create more damage, your insurance will almost certainly not cover the repairs since you did not call a qualified person to do the job. To work on gas appliances, you should hire a licensed technician who is up to date on all aspects of BC’s gas code.

Certified Professionals

We Carry All The Proper Insurance To Work In Your Home Liability Insurance WCB Coverage All Our Technicians Are Government Certified We Carry Always A Current Business Permit. We Have The Appropriate Contractors Licence.

We Specialize In Standing Pilot Systems ( Millivolt ) . We Will Also Service High Efficient Units Along With The Low Efficient Models.

Preventative Maintenance

Think of your fireplace the way you do your car: You need to have your fireplace maintained regularly, usually once a year, in order to avoid big repair costs and extend its life. If you don't call an expert to do the maintenance, any damage can became bigger, posing unnecessary risks to your loved ones and home, and will be more costly to repair.

So call our experts today for your fireplace maintenance and keep the cost low. And don't wait for the last minute to do your fireplace check – be ready for winter and keep yourself and your home safe and warm!

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